Journey on the Caravan with Adam DeCollibus

38 minutes

Today on the show I chat with Adam DeCollibus and we talk about Storytelling, writing, becoming an author, traveling, music, and the list goes on! This is one seriously cool guy and you won't want to miss this episode!

His book Caravan is going to drop in about 2 weeks and so keep your eyes peeled but I will be sure to mention it on the show once I order it so that you guys can as well.

Although born in California, Adam DeCollibus is a man of the world. In his early years he lived in South America and his love of travel has led to him living and traveling in over seventeen countries. Inspired by both historical and actual events during his travels DeCollibus was compelled to write Caravan, his debut historical novel. Adam DeCollibus lives mostly in California where he spends his time writing, playing piano, and surfing.



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